This web application is a platform for pinkwug to showcase their political comics, sell their merchandise, and provide a searchable archive of their previous work. The unique and minimalist design helps highlight the main content of the website, the comics, without distractions and unnecessary design elements.

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Admin Dashboard

A login-protected interface where pinkwug can create, delete, or edit any of their comics. It is a custom version of Active Admin designed to meet the needs of the client and streamline their workflow.


Powerful search function that enables users to easily find specific words or phrases, even those that only appear embedded in the images. This feature is highly efficient and helps users to quickly locate the content they are looking for.

Image Processing

Powered by ImageMagick, this site features a server-side process of resizing and cropping all images on the site to predetermined sizes for optimal responsiveness. This allows the browser to efficiently select the best image to display to the end user, resulting in faster loading times for the site.


Seamless Shopify integration made the website also serve as pinkwug's storefront. Visitors to the site were able to purchase merchandise and prints of of the comics directly from the website. Unfortunately, the store is currently closed as pinkwug has taken a hiatus to focus on their studies.

Test-Driven Development

To ensure the stability and reliability of the site, nearly 100% of the app's functionality is covered by tests. This allows for maintenance or security updates to be performed without disrupting the core functionality of the site.


"Working with Sam was a pleasant and professional experience. Not only did he flawlessly implement all the features I had in mind, he took the initiative to propose pertinent features and revisions. You can rely on his expertise to help you make informed decisions regarding all the steps of building a website you can be proud of." –⁠pinkwug

SEO & Speed


The website has a strong presence in search engine results, ranking above pinkwug's social media sites. With Web Development's best practices implemented when it comes to structure, semantic HTML tags, functionality, accessibility, and mobile-first development. This helps to increase its visibility and draw in potential customers.


In terms of speed, the website loads quickly and efficiently, providing a smooth and seamless user experience. This is reflected on its PageSpeed Insights score of 100 for both Mobile and Desktop. Overall, the website's performance in SEO and Speed is impressive and helps to enhance its effectiveness and reach.

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